Billy’s Birthday

Ladybower In Derbyshire

Billy came fly fishing for the first time and enjoyed the outdoors for 6 hours.  I think this may have been the longest he has been outside!  A great experience and we had a lovely day.  The biggest laugh was when we got a fish on the dry fly and Billy had moved the net away from the bank.  Result…fish got away.  We both laughed, although I was sad to draw a blank but it was this big!!!! Honest.

Lend me a tenner sir

A real dilemma at my last school. A parent arrived in a real state, telling me that she had no food for the children that night. She said she was desperate and I was the only person she could ask.

There is no way Thayer would ever advocate this as a way to work but my instinct told me to just get her the cash. I did and then told the story to a friend. he informed me of my stupidity and tolde me to wave bye to my ten pounds. 2 days later the woman arrived wither husband thanking me so much and returning the cash.

No regrets and a good deed done. What would you do?

Harsh treatment and exclusions

A boy who had broken a couple of rules in school was about to leave for a fixed term exclusion. His mum had been in a bit of a hurry and asked if she could take him out of the fire exit of my office to save time. I agreed and she said she would sort out the issue with his behaviour. I thanked her for her time and she promptly lept at her son grabbed him by the hair and dragged him out of the fire exit.

I sat there for a split second as I realised why this lad had a few issues as the phone was answered ” hello social services can I help you?” It isn’t me who needs help I said and passed on my story to the relevant people to help the lad. Another colourful event in the day of a headteacher…

Parents and Dogs

A quiet day,(relatively) had been had in a school that can bring a challenge or two now and then. I was outside chatting to a group of parents and all was well.

I was suddenly startled by a pain from the buttock region, indicating that something had A grabbed me B bitten me C tore of copious chunks or all of the previous. I spun around, oblivious of the terror I was about to face. I was then confronted by a Doberman and the owner. I knew she was the owner as she had no collar but the dog did.

The woman then squeals with delight and proclaims I grabbed but you thought it were the dog. Her mouth opened like a cave revealing a couple of teeth that could die of loneliness; she proceeded to guffaw about the place. I was a horrified and ran off to a place of safety. I still have nightmares about her. The joys of headship